Nuestros Testimonios

Testimonios experiencias y vivencias de personajes que trabajaron con nosotros.


"I had the opportunity to meet Carlos in 2009. I drank ayahuasca and ajosacha. It was a beautiful and recommendable experience. I was with people that I trust, who cared for me so that my experience cold be unique and memorable. The place where I drank medicine was totally natural, surrounded by the typical flora and fauna of the region. I had an exquisite experience in contact with the Earth and Nature. It was a great journey into one's spirit. I would love to do it again someday! Thank you Carlos! May God bless you!"

Nacionalidad: Argentina    -    Fecha : 30-11--0001


"Carlos, besides being my teacher, you will always be my best friend.. Thank you for the medicine, each diet is challenging for me, but always brings me closer to my inner truth, and love! Everything is love! Thank you for your patience and for teaching me humility. You are the best shaman that I know! An eternity of thanks to you, my brother, may God bless you, your family, and your Center."

Nacionalidad: France    -    Fecha : 30-11--0001


"Upon arrival at the healing center, my mind became at ease. Carlos is so calm and tranquil, and the surrounding nature allows a haven for quiet thought and soul-searching...what followed was a multi-layered proccess on physical, psychological, and spiritual levels...the chanting and incantations of the shaman were a musical guide directing me...the atmosphere was very relaxed and non-judgmental. It gives me great peace to know that no matter where I may be out there in the "rat race", there will always be a shaman out there raising positive energy from the jungle. Muchas Gracias!"

Nacionalidad: V, Arizona, USA    -    Fecha : 30-11--0001